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Jose María Gómez Urgoiti

José M. Gómez is the founder of IBERIAN OFFSHORE. His extensive experience spans on all aspects related to offshore engineering. Experience has been gained with some of the major firms within the defence and oil and gas industry.

Managing Director
& Technical Lead

Jose María Gómez Urgoiti

Guillermo Murillo is an all-rounder in the shipbuilding industry. His remit includes working in collaboration with other engineers to identify and develop the necessary capabilities to meet the full range of client needs.

Senior Project Engineer
Technical Authority

Jose María Gómez Urgoiti

Diego Castillo is an expert in the maritime and shipping sector. He has a strong background of working with shipping lines and project cargo, keeping an eye out on future opportunities for our clients.

Business Development Manager

Jose María Gómez Urgoiti

Davor Ogresta is an authority in the maritime transport and heavy lift sectors, with a professional career that spans over 30 years. His experience and engineering skills contribute to the efficient and safe execution of the most challenging operations.

Technical Authority