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Our expertise and skillset covers a wide field of engineering services:

Structural Engineering

As specialists in marine and offshore structures, we can provide a wide range of studies to serve all your projects, helped by the most modern software and techniques.

  • Finite Element Analysis (beams, plates, shells, etc.).
  • Static and dynamic analyses in both frequency and time domain.
  • Linear and non-linear loading, boundary conditions and material properties.
  • Global structural simulations (complete hull) and local analyses (supports, foundations, details, etc.).
  • Hydrodynamic loading calculation for floating and fixed structures.
  • Modal analysis, stress and deformation calculation.
  • Buckling assessments.
  • Deterministic and stochastic fatigue analyses.
Naval Architecture

The staff of IBERIAN OFFSHORE is primarily composed of highly experienced Naval Architects, so we can confidently offer basic and complex naval architecture engineering services.

These are some of the services we can help you with:

  • Stability analysis.
  • Accelerations & motions analysis.
  • Longitudinal strength checks.
  • Mooring analysis.
  • Wave loading & marine simulations.
Reverse Engineering

On many occasions, the long history or certain structure makes it hard or even impossible to have enough information to produce quality studies and drawings. We solve these type of situations by employing reverse engineering techniques, such as laser scanning, weighing, UT thickness measurements. This enables us to generate useable analysis models, to subsequently execute the required analysis.

With the acquired data, we can estimate locations of centres of gravity, simulate lifting operations and stowage plans, produce detailed 3D models for refits and conversions, or simply generate an information package of the current condition of a given structure.


3D CAD/CAE is today our daily working environment. We are proficient in the use of 3D software for both drafting and simulating, and we work with the industry preferred software packages.

Whether dealing with a completely new structure or an existing item, we always consider which approach is the best to optimize the workflow of our client’s project. From just a visual representation to a complete detail model, going through a laser scan of an existing element and complex physical simulations, we can offer the state-of-the-art 3D CAD/CAE services.

Fabrication & Installation

Thanks to our alliance with Herjimar, we are able to provide fabrication and installation services for heavy and complex steel and aluminium workshops.

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